Why do flowers such as Red Roses, Peonies, Dahlias, Delphiniums, exhibit so many shades of colours?

DOI: 10.14469/hpc/4473 Metadata

Created: 2018-06-16 06:59

Last modified: 2018-06-18 13:21

Author: Henry Rzepa

License: Creative Commons: Public Domain Dedication 1.0

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The colour of the anthocyanidins

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10.14469/hpc/177 Computation data for Henry Rzepa's blog


10.14469/hpc/4496 Delphinidin, basic, 5 -1103.900461 3.8
10.14469/hpc/4475 Delphinidin
10.14469/hpc/4477 DOSKOL, One OH, Pelargonidin, nstates=150
10.14469/hpc/4471 Delphinidin nstates=150, three OH
10.14469/hpc/4474 PHFAVB, Cyanidin, nstates=150, two OH
10.14469/hpc/4498 Delphinidin, basic, 5'; -1103.871125 22.2
10.14469/hpc/4472 Xeaxanthin, Daffodil colour wB97XD nstates=150
10.14469/hpc/4476 DOSKOL, One OH
10.14469/hpc/4470 PHFAVB, Cyanidin
10.14469/hpc/4499 Delphinidin, basic, 3' -1103.887734 11.8
10.14469/hpc/4469 Xeaxanthin, Daffodil colour
10.14469/hpc/4495 Delphinidin, basic, 4' -1103.906465 0.0
10.14469/hpc/4478 Delphinidin, basic
10.14469/hpc/4479 Delphinidin, basic, nstates=150
10.14469/hpc/4497 Delphinidin, basic, 7 -1103.898919 4.7
10.14469/hpc/4500 Delphinidin nstates=150, three OH TPSSH