Data Repository Project

DOI: 10.14469/hpc/1088 Metadata

Created: 2016-07-25 05:52

Last modified: 2018-08-05 13:41

Author: Henry Rzepa

Co-author: Andrew McLean
Co-author: Matthew Harvey

A FAIR Data project involving the design and deployment of a data repository containing enhanced features.


10.14469/hpc/1369 XML registration with re3data
10.14469/hpc/2578 NMR Data with intrinsic ORCID identifier
10.14469/hpc/1975 199Hg NMR chemical shifts: a comparison between calculated and measured values
10.14469/hpc/3055 Executes the following search as:\/x\-mnpub*
10.14469/hpc/4558 DataCite searches enabled using the Subject Scheme element
10.14469/hpc/1053 Demonstration of Professional Preview of FAIR (Findable, accessable, inter-operable and re-usable) NMR Data files using MestreNova and Mpublish.
10.14469/hpc/4584 FAIR Data table. Mechanistic insights into boron-catalysed direct amidation reactions

Associated DOIs

10.1021/acsomega.7b00482 Published article on Synthesis and Reactions of Benzannulated Spiroaminals; Tetrahydrospirobiquinolines
10.1021/ci500302p Digital data repositories in chemistry and their integration with journals and electronic laboratory notebooks
10.1021/ci7004737 SPECTRa : The Deposition and Validation of Primary Chemistry Research Data in Digital Repositories
10.1021/ci9003688 SPECTRa-T: Machine-based data extraction and semantic searching of chemistry e-theses
10.1186/s13321-015-0081-7 Standards-based metadata procedures for retrieving data for display or mining utilizing Persistent (data-DOI) Identifier
10.1186/s13321-015-0093-3 Standards-based curation of a decade-old digital repository dataset of molecular information
10.1186/s13321-017-0190-6 A metadata-driven approach to data repository design
10.14469/hpc/1248 Example of an Active (HTML) Preview.
10.14469/hpc/1267 Example of professional preview (ProView) of instrumental data.
10.14469/hpc/1487 Github source code for data repository
10.14469/hpc/2017 NMR data for Total Synthesis of (+)-Lophirone H and its Pentamethylether Utilizing an Oxonium-Prins Cyclisation
10.14469/hpc/2294 NMR data for Synthesis and Reactions of Benzannulated Spiroaminals; Tetrahydrospirobiquinolines
10.14469/hpc/2807 MALDI-ToF mass spectrum of polystyrene (from mnova file)
10.14469/hpc/2808 MALDI-ToF mass spectrum of polystyrene (raw data in zip file)
10.14469/hpc/2993 Executes the following search as:\/x\-gaussian*+SubjectScheme:inchikey+subject:XZYDALXOGPZGNV-UHFFFAOYSA-M+media:chemical\/x\-mnpub*
10.14469/hpc/2994 Executes the following search as:\/x\-mnpub*
10.14469/hpc/3657 Article: A FAIR to remember - The benefits of findable, accessible, interoperable and re-useable data
10.1515/ci-2016-3-408 InChI As a Research Data Management Tool